Different Types of Cloud Solutions That You Should Know About

Different Types of Cloud Solutions That You Should Know About

In today’s world of Cloud Computing, it is no surprise that many different types of cloud solutions in Dubai are available to choose from. There are many options when considering your needs for different types of Cloud Computing and Mobile computing. The following article will briefly discuss some of these different types of Cloud computing and how they can benefit your business depending on your needs. You can also read more about some of the specific uses for each type of service below.

Software as a service (SAAS)

The most common type of Cloud solution is the software as a service (SaaS) based offering. With this type of service, you will sign up with a service provider, purchase a license key, and then be able to use the software as long as you need it. The benefit of this is that the software is always available, as long as your server has an internet connection. You are not locked into any specific hardware, and you do not have to worry about upgrading your hardware to get the most use out of the software. 

Platform as a service (PAAS)

Another option available is the platform as a service (PAAS) Cloud solution. This type of solution is more similar to a website that you can use to host your data rather than using a server for hosting the data. Because the software is hosted on a web server, you will have access to the features and tools that the platform allows you to use, including email, files, and even websites. 

Stand-alone Cloud solution

You can also use the Stand-alone Cloud solution. This is perfect for those who are running small businesses but do not need to have a dedicated server. They can simply use a website hosting service, which can be acquired at a reasonable rate. However, there are many different types of hosting services out there and the choice depends on what your specific needs are.

Automated Cloud solution

Lastly, you can also opt for the Automated Cloud solution. This is an ideal solution for companies that do not need a lot of maintenance. The reason why this type of Cloud is best suited for small companies is that it is easy for the administrators to administer the Cloud. It consists of a software package that works as an online web-based interface. The administrator of this Cloud can set up multiple servers that contain different applications, and they can monitor and control every aspect of the Cloud.

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