Navigating the Luxury Vacation Rental Market

Navigating the Luxury Vacation Rental Market

The luxury villa is a fantastic way for those who want to travel in style, and the best thing about them is that they are available all over the world. From Bali to Belize, there’s no better way to experience another culture than by living like a local. Here we will cover how you can find luxury villas Mykonos for rent and what you should expect when booking one of your own!

There are many factors that go into choosing the right luxury villa for rent and not all of them will be applicable to everyone depending on their unique wants and needs. For example, if you’re traveling with a family then having enough space is key whereas if it’s just two people than perhaps an amazing view might take priority over space. Below we have outlined some common features in order to help give you an idea of what each residence has to offer:

– Location – where exactly is this place located? Can guests walk out onto the beach from the doorstep or do they need transport? Is there a resort/hotel nearby offering additional amenities such as restaurants and activities?

– Size – how many bedrooms and bathrooms does the villa have? Can it comfortably sleep your entire party or will you need to book multiple residences? Is there a living room, dining area and kitchenette for guests to use?

– Views – arguably one of the most important aspects of any luxury villa is the view! Whether it overlooks the ocean, mountains or cityscape, make sure to inspect what’s on offer before making your decision.

– Extras/Amenities – what other features come with this rental? pool, Jacuzzi, games room, home cinema etc.? Sometimes these can be included in the price while others may incur an additional cost so be sure to ask beforehand.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of contenders based on the above, it’s time for the next step: contacting the owner or agent. This can be done in a variety of ways but we recommend using either email or Skype as you’ll get a better sense of what they’re like as people and whether you think you’ll be able to work together harmoniously. Some questions that might be helpful to ask are:

– What is the check-in/check-out process?

– Are there any restrictions on who can stay in the villa (i.e. minimum age)?

– How many people will be sharing each bedroom?

– Can I see pictures of inside and outside of the property?

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